I releases two new videos per week covering a variety of subjects on mastering bird and wildlife photography.

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Yellowstone Wolves…

By Tin Man Lee | July 24, 2021

Just want to share a few photos of wolves (all taken with a Canon R5 and 600mm and 1.4x and…

Like a dream…

By Tin Man Lee | December 4, 2020

I started to take wildlife photography seriously in 2011. At the time, I knew nothing about bird and wildlife photography.…

The true meaning behind “award-winning” and one wildlife encounter that changed me

By Tin Man Lee | November 19, 2020

Story: In this video, I explained what it really means by “award-winning” and the confusion of it. Then I talked…

How this one ingredient in birds-in-flight always wow people

By Tin Man Lee | November 18, 2020

Birds-in-flight is super fun and challenging. I always try to get non-sky background because it looks more pleasant this way.…

Queen's Gambit

By Tin Man Lee | November 14, 2020

How Queen's Gambit Taught Me Wildlife Photography Need more help? Watch my one-hour live training Nov 15, 2020 on how…

My barn owl story

By Tin Man Lee | November 13, 2020

Few days ago I posted a photo of barn owl that got 400 comments and over 10k likes in my…


By Tin Man Lee | November 11, 2020

Just received Federico Veronesi's new book “One Life” and I did a quick review. Here, Federico talked about what's the…

Interview with Photographer Paul McKenzie

By Tin Man Lee | October 16, 2020

I interviewed world-renowned wildlife photographer Paul McKenzie.

Tin Man Lee Interview by Donald Quintana

By Tin Man Lee | October 6, 2020

I was interviewed by Nature Photography Club of Central Coast, California.

Interviewing Ashleigh Scully

By Tin Man Lee | September 18, 2020

I interviewed NBP Youth Photographer of the Year and WPOTY award winning Ashleigh Scully