Have you ever, in those critical moments, thought you nailed the shots only to find out later that they were under-exposed with lots of noise, or over-exposed with clipped highlights and lost details? After years of trials and errors and learning from the masters,  I put together an eBook (free) with all my secret techniques to nail perfectly-exposed photos in any tough situations in wildlife photography.

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About Tin Man Lee

Obsessed in chasing light and love in Nature, I strive to bring out the noble and unique personality of each animal and tell my story through wildlife photography. 

As one who has viewed millions of photographs over my publishing career I was immediately drawn to Lee’s work. Now published around the world in books, magazines, and exhibitions, his images reflect a very deep respect for nature and the wildlife it nurtures. Lee’s photographs tell stories, rekindling our love for the natural world and reminding us to protect it.

Stephen Freligh 

Co-Founder and CEO, Nature's Best Photography

Tin Man Lee is one of the most creative wildlife photographers around today, with a portfolio most of us would die for.

Scott Latham

"10 Wildlife Photographers You Need To Follow In 2018", XPOSR UK

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