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Cambridge Live Presentation

By Tin Man Lee | September 10, 2020

Hello everyone, my talk at Cambridge Live is available now. Please click on the photo below to watch. Titled “How…

3 Tips On How To Take Great Wildlife and Bird Photos Without The Need To Travel Far

By Tin Man Lee | August 5, 2020

I shared 3 tips on how to take great photos for more “common” species where you can find in your…

One Secret By A Legendary Photographer

By Tin Man Lee | August 2, 2020

(Need help with your bird and wildlife photography? Check out my free 1-hour training by clicking HERE.) When I first…

my eyes…

By Tin Man Lee | July 13, 2020

Do you remember this quote from the movie Matrix? Neo: Why do my eyes hurt? Morpheus: You've never used them before.…

Federico Veronesi Interview by Tin Man Lee

By Tin Man Lee | June 5, 2020

Register now. FREE. https://now.tinmanlee.com/federico_optin1591406765189 Very excited to interview my photography idol Federico Veronesi this coming Sunday June 9, at 1pm…

B&H Presents: Wildlife That Wows: From Birds to Bears for Beginners. June 9. 7:30pm EST.

By Tin Man Lee | May 26, 2020


Webinar Registration: My Post-Processing Workflow for prints, contests, and social media posts

By Tin Man Lee | April 28, 2020

Click this link to registerDate: Thursday, April 30, 11am Pacific TimeSpeaker: Tin Man Lee

A Love Story of Snaggletooth

By Tin Man Lee | February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day!  Back in July, I was with a group of photographers in Alaska photographing bears.  Once we landed…

4 Tips To Take Unique Photos

By Tin Man Lee | February 12, 2020

First of all, my email list has grown to over 10,000 subscribers now. So, welcome if you are new! It's…

Lobo and Wolf Photography

By Tin Man Lee | January 18, 2020

While in Hong Kong, I tried my best to convince my mom that it was not dangerous to photograph wolves…