My favorite gear

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Below is a list of my go-to items when I travel and take photos, after a lot of trials and errors. I highly recommend you check them out because I'm sure they will be useful to you too.

2TB Ultra light weight, durable SSD Drive. I bring 6 of them for any trips. 

Like miracle, it turned any air travel into complete silence, almost. No more baby crying.

The best photography glove in the market which allowed me to survive from -40 to 40F.

Switched from my Gura Gear backpack to this one as I didn't like the zip. Love this 36L backpack that can easily fit my 600mm and 180-400 with 2 bodies, and much more.

Most comfortable shoe I've ever tried. Perfect for high arch. 

I bring 4 pairs to trips. If it's cold, I wear the Heat3 on top of this.

Lightweight and fast absorbing, perfect for travel.

Water-proof bag when flying in small plane/float plane

Gotta bring it.

Perfect to keep your face from cold wind, good for big head lol.

Put backpack on this for airport transit

Extra battery always in my pocket to charge my phone and Bose earphone

Pant that keeps me really warm, really warm, and comfy.

Ultimate rain gear, ultra good, and expensive too. But gotta have one. 

Ultra good rain pant, ultra expensive too.

Peace of mind to have signals everywhere, unlimited text and map to share with friends, only $50/month. Use satellite signal, worked perfect even in Saunders Island in the Falklands!

Super light weight to get eye level

Wifi in foreign countries

For filling out forms and personal safety (like a tactical pen)

Hot water everywhere. Lightest.

Warm and light

Easier to fit in flight seat for hot coffee

Great support. Waterproof. My hiking boot.

For muddy area. Must have. Comfortable.

Best way to hang dry your clothes in hotel room

Most comfy outdoor pant I ever tried. Lululemon ABC pant.

No more scratch on my camera body when I use this in my backpack.

How I make coffee in the wilderness.

Must own for guys. Quick dry. 

Must-have to protect your lens in rain.

Must-have to protect your lens all time.

Don Zeck cover for your big lens, better than the original lens pouch

120GB XQD. I have 10 of those.

Literally exchanging $$$ to buy time. 2TB SSD, 64GB RAM, 10-core, a MUST

15 inch macbookpro. Workhorse in the field!

For all the footage. Even slow mo.

Camera Gear

45 mega pixel, great AF tracking, 9 frames/s with grip, what more can u ask for?

Need the grip to get 9 frames/second

400 2.8, the fastest lens for wildlife photography

600mm f4, my most used lens. Workhorse.

The most light weight 500mm prime lens? Very sharp.

Super sharp macro, great for portrait too.

300mm f/4 PF, super light, super sharp

Nikon 180-400, the most versatile, and as sharp if not sharper than my 600 f/4!

Really Right Stuff TVC-33, the best tripod ever? I love it even though I don't use tripod much. Super expensive.

Almost always on my 600mm

Gimbal head for the tripod. Handles 600mm easily.

24mm 1.4, sweet for some milky way action.

A lighter smaller tripod for travel. RRS TVC 24L, super expensive.

Induro series 5 monopod. I prefer monopod over tripod most of the time.

Oh my the best monopod head, changed my idea of monopod completely.

Must-have to replace the tripod collar for big lens to save weight and easy attachment to Gimbal head. For 500mm or 600mm.

Youtube Video Gear

Improved sound quality in iPhone instantly

Best low light video camera on the planet (or almost) with good skin tone

Flexible and stable for GH5s

Panasonic Leica 12mm f/1.4 made it 24mm for ultra low light indoor video

Must-read Books

Learn how to see

Written by my idol. It will change your life reading his essays.  

Great inspiration. 

The most beautiful printed book on wildlife photography

A grand tour of the master visual artist. Inspirational.

Great quote and images by the masters.

A classic.

Crazy techniques. Red 5!

What more can I say, my friend told me it aligned with the concept of my DTS class!

Secret of storytelling written by the father of screenwriting. 

I have read it 30 times. You??

My secret weapon for creativity?