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How I do Wildlife Photography

By Tin Man Lee | December 12, 2014

I did those too. Circa 1999… Things weren't good. Sometimes I wondered if I could just find one thing in…

My Quest for the Snowy Owls: Four Unforgettable Experience

By Tin Man Lee | December 6, 2012

I regretted not listening to my friend who had been here before. “The snowy owls are on the beach. It’s…

Close Encounter with a Bull Moose

By Tin Man Lee | November 29, 2012

I know you like moose… I want to tell you my 12 notes of how this photo happened: 1. It…

Yellowstone National Park in the Winter: My 6 Unusual Encounters

By Tin Man Lee | November 13, 2012

  My hope was slowly fading away. Five days have passed. For each of those days, we left at six…

Yellowstone: One Small Step

By Tin Man Lee | November 13, 2012

I still remember an incident that happened in the Spring time at Yellowstone several years ago. We were driving on…

Last Moments of a Bison Calf

By Tin Man Lee | November 13, 2012

  Our photographer group of seven saw them around eight in the morning. We were in Lamar Valley, at the…