(Version 2.0 is available!) Digital Workflow to Win Photo Contests, Get Published, and Create Popular Social Media & Web Postings. $497)

Do you want to know the best techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop to optimize your wildlife photos before you submit to a contest?

Package contains over 7 hours of high def videos demonstrating the 12 steps of tension stacking. The videos can be viewed via online streaming or download (no DVD), also includes PDFs of class notes.

Exclusive Membership to Digital Workflow Facebook Group with an active community to critique your photos.

30-day Money Back Guarantee 

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Tin Man Wildlife Photography Online Boot Camp (6 weeks)

Tin Man Wildlife Photography Online Bootcamp will teach you my complete step-by-step system to take world-class wildlife photos, so you can (i) increase the chance of winning photo contests and get published, (ii) evoke emotion, and (iii) move people. I will teach you how to use your creativity to strategically build up the emotion of viewers to create stunning visual impact, so that they will never be able to look away from your photos.

The previous course has just been completed very successfully and will be re-open in 3 weeks (we re-open enrollment 3-4 times/year). You can get on the wait list by entering your name and email and be the first to know when class re-opens for enrollment.

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Limited Edition Museum Quality Acrylic Print
(state-of-the-art Fujiflex)

A few selected award-winning/gallery-exhibited prints are available in limited edition of 16. Please contact me if you are interested.

12 by 18” $580
16 by 24” $980
24 by 36” $1580
30 by 48” $2680


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20 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Photographing the Falkland Islands: A Photographer's Guide

Are you planning to go to the Falkland Islands but are nervous about finding the best secret photography spots on the islands?

This PDF guide shows you the secret spots and the strategy and technique to create the photos of a lifetime. I used the same techniques during my trip which resulted in the cover of Wild Planet Photo Magazine April 2017 and various publications, and semi-finalists in Wildlife Photographers of the Year and Nature's Best Photography.

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My Falkland Islands Trip Report: In Search of the Golden Teardrop

For the last hundred years, civilization has caused massive destruction of the wilderness and its wildlife. One place on earth, however, is still untouched—the Falkland Islands. Animals there are not only in abundance, but they also remain fearless and curious about humans, and will come so close as to sometimes untie our shoelaces. What these animals need are photographers who can capture their beauty and soulfulness in photographs, and speak for them to bring about awareness and protection.

When Tin Man, a regular guy with a regular job, was given a chance to visit the Falklands with his parents for two weeks, what could have been the vacation of a lifetime turned into a disaster, with injuries and other mishaps that threatened their safety and stopped them from getting to where they wanted to be. This could have ruined everything, but instead became an opportunity for growth and innovation…

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Photo Book: Natural World, Cultural Elegance
A Photography Exhibition by Tin Man Lee

Very limited print available. Contact me for details. Ships from Hong Kong.

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