Canon 1DX Mark II and Burrowing Owl, Part 1

I would have never believed I would say this. If you are on the fence of deciding whether to upgrade to the new Canon 1DX Mark II or not, my advice to you, after two weeks of intense use, can be summarized into three words. Buy. It. Now.​ Hate to sound like a Canon spokesperson, which I’m not. But the…

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My Quest for Barn Owl: 7 Unforgettable Experience

“Haunting, beautiful, startling, innocent, ghostly, adorable” — all these words came to mind as I was clicking the shutter nonstop like a machine gun, before the loud voice in my brain said “DODGE!!!” … Barn owls are nocturnal. Photographing them flying with natural light is not supposed to be possible. If you have seen pictures of…

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